Major update of Palert Plus, PX-01 and Cube
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If you are not going to use the new function, please do not update your firmware.

Major update


4.304.26 to 4.29 was skipped.交通部中央氣象局地震震度分級
The new intensity scale was released by CWB.
Please update your firmware to 4.34 if you are using 4.31 to 4.33.

Modbus address updates
TRTC: Disable the AUTO_OFFSET during triggered.
Fix EEWS intensity will be overwritten by on-site intensity.
SPS1000 did not support 10 Hz Low-pass filter before 4.37.
Update the library of MQTT.
You must update the firmware via our update program.
DO NOT update the firmware manually.
Please press 7 seconds on the button and wait.
The device would download the library and firmware.
After downloading, the firmware would reload automatically.
PX-01 and PX-01 Cube could connect to SIAP weather station now.
The record threshold is useless when the system enabled the voting system of trigger (N out of M) and [GLOBAL_EVENT_ENABLE].
It would record once the event was triggered and the intensity or PGA of message Palert reached the threshold now.
Press 10 seconds, backup the firmware (paIntSave.exe or vAlert8Save.exe).
Press 6 seconds to reload the firmware without restart the network.
The PGA in file name and file is not matched.
It might cause the event file issue such as no pre-event.
Please update the firmware if the version is between 4.30 to 4.40.
Change the frequency of the heartbeat signal.
4.58Major update (2021/05/24)
If [PRE_EVENT_SECOND] is zero, the start time of the event file will be wrong. This issue is fixed in this version.
Fix the issue of the IIR low-pass filter of 20 Hz.
Palert series
1. Adding displacement in Modbus.
2. Adding [REMOTE_CONTROL] for enabling/disable DO control via Modbus.
3. Adding DATA_FIXED_POINT option for event file.
4. Adding call in factoryReset().
5. Fixing bug of reset to factory setting by pressing the button which could not press 6 seconds.
6. Changing selfTest() call by threaded.

Cube & PX-01
1. Adding [REMOTE_CONTROL] for enabling/disable DO control via Modbus.
2. Adding [DATA_FIXED_POINT] option for event file.
3. Adding call in factoryReset().
4. Adding of sending reload command to Palert if continuing trig.
5. Fixing data contamination which causes max. intensity, PGA, PGV odd in [AC200GW] sensor, mode 16 packet.
6. Fixing [AC200GW] sensor reset filter bug which will cause trig issue every hour at 3 minutes.
7. Fixing bug of [AC200GW] sensor samplingRate incorrect in the event file.
8. Fixing [AC200GW] sensor event does not stop issue if the offset is drifted during a big earthquake.
9. Fixing bug of reset to factory setting by pressing the button which could not press 6 seconds.
10. Changing selfTest() call by threaded.